Turn the internet into Asteroids


Written by Blair Mishleau
07 Monday 07th February 2011

We’ve found some awesome bookmarklets that can replace the dusty ones you’ve probably had for ages. Whenever you’re bored or angry at a site, think of these fellas as your panic button. Just click, and you’ll get an instant result. Confused? Read on!

Have that, Bieber!

Kick Ass Click and drag this link to your bookmark bar - boom: Asteroids! 

Sometimes browsing the Internet can be frustrating. Like when you’re trying to buy the last ticket for a show when the site freezes, leaving you shit out of luck, and ready to throw a punch at the screen. We’ve all wanted to kick the shit out of a computer. Here’s a less-damaging solution. Just click and drag the code up to your bookmark bar, and when a site pisses you off, give it a click. A neat little shooter will pop on the screen, and as you press the space bar it’ll decimate the offending site. Thanks Erik Andersson, screen saved!

Edit any website: Drag and drop this link into your bookmark bar: Edit any website!

Sometimes the news can be a bit depressing, what with the whole global warming issue, wars and all that injustice. Some publications choose to skip over those issues though, and spin out hate-fuelled rants about trivial non-issues instead. But now you can fix that. Click on this bookmarklet lets you change the content of whatever site you're on, just start typing and it'll show up. Here's an idea: change it, then take a pic and send it to your friends. Like a great act of Wikipedia vandalism, it will be just believable enough for them to repost to their friends, making them look like gullible fools. Wonderful!

Make images go crazy: Drag and drop this link into your bookmark bar: Crazy Images!


If you're looking to induce a seizure, this is the bookmark for you! This crazy bastard takes all of the images on the website you're currently on and makes them dance like they've never danced before. Eyes bleeding yet? Just hit the refresh button. It looks really cool with sites that have a lot of images, try it out (if only for a bit). 

UNICORNS: Drag and drop this link into your bookmark bar for instant UNICORNS!!!

If you’re ever in need of a hug, this thing’ll most certainly make you feel like you’ve been hugged by a thousand rainbow unicorns that make you cookies. Just be ready for a lot of stimulation, they’re everywhere!

Make any website musical! See how Don't Panic sounds

Ever hated a site because it autoplayed music? Or maybe you're in the minority who've hated a site that doesn't. Now you can change that and turn any site into a Casio symphony. Taking the HTML of the website that you put in, the CodeOrgan puts dull code through a complex algorithm (or monkeys with accordians) and produces some pretty interesting songs.

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