Written by Jonasz Tolopilo
31 Monday 31st May 2010
Thanks to facebook and twitter you know what your friends are doing at the moment choosing right clothes for the party, being “soooooo stoned”, watching another shitty Gossip Girl episode etc. If you still want to know more about your buddies, consider signing in to Blippy – another social networking site which will surely help you waste your time in the least productive way.
Blippy helps you to interact with your friends or random people in one of the most unexpected ways – through products you buy. Just bought an amazingly expensive designer cd-holder from Amazon and looking for a way to boast about it? Blippy comes to rescue you from confusion. Whenever you buy something through Amazon, iTunes, eBay or another shop and use your credit card, Blippy keeps a record of it and publishes it on your wall where your friends can say things like, "Wow, great purchase! I'm considering this too." Sounds incredible. I'm just wondering where the thin line between information about your friends being to some extent useful and complete rubbish is.
The other thing is that the site keeps an invaluable record for the big companies. Having used Blippy for a bit, they know everything about your shopping preferences. You say, so what? If Blippy gets a lot of users they will have the great business opportunity of sharing your information with third-party companies, just like Facebook did with the Open Graph system. For many years supermarkets and other shops have wanted to create customer profiles so that they know what useless stuff they can offer and make you buy more. Everytime I hear over the counter of Sainsbury's the fixed phrase "Have you got a Nectar card?" I want to say "No, mam, I don't want your company to know about every single product that I'm buying." Now, thanks to Blippy, you can do it yourself.

At this point, a question arises: where the hell is the point where people will consider publishing their private information lame? I guess they won't. Seriously, I'm really looking forward to 'Toiletty' or 'Loo', websites which will automatically update your status when you've taken a piss.   

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  • Guest: cjeter
    Fri 11 - Jun - 2010, 16:09
    Hah! Yeah, and if your Loo website concept is ever monetized, it would be in the form of digestional aids depending on your last 'inspired movement'...