Cars of the Future


Written by Suzie McCracken
09 Monday 09th April 2012

Google’s Self Driving Car

Not only is this clip utterly heartwarming, it’s also completely within my comprehension. Where in the past watching this film would have caused me to gasp in wonder, now it merely seems like the next logical step. It was only a matter of time before someone made an iPhone (or Android phone – soz Google) with wheels. Just don’t let Jeremy Clarkson have a look, he’ll be complaining about all the hard-working British guide dogs set to lose their jobs. The brainiacs down at Oxford University have also created a similar model, although it's not being tested by a blind person and therefore isn't nearly as appealing. Rather than just a technological muscle flex, Google's film convinces you this car is going to change the world. Well done Google, you have succeeded.

The Flying Car

Dutch engineers PAL-V have made every kid's dream come true by inventing a flying car. It's not a concept either, this company are currently looking for investors to get this on the production line. If you happen to know any bored millionaire playboys, please try and convince them that this is a worthy investment. Provided you've got enough space to take off, you could be whistling over the commuters on the M25 as you pilot your way to work every morning. What worries me is that these vehicles may replace the motorbike as the mid-life crisis purchase of choice, but for now I am happy to pretend that only very handsome men with an engagement ring in their pocket will be owners.

The Electric Delorean

Apologies for the obvious pun here, but Delorean have actually gone BACK TO THE FRICKIN' FUTURE by launching an electric version of the iconic 80s vehicle. Now you don't have to be kitsch adverse to save the planet! You can have a cardboard cut-out of Marty McFly in the passenger seat if you like and you'll still be making things a bit more green here on Earth. You could even slip on a pair of your Back to the Future Nike Air Mag's for the full experience (assuming you bought a pair for $4000 last September that is). For a mere £57,000 you can add this car to your collection and drive around in a bad wig, tricking people into thinking you've actually engaged in time travel. It's a small price to pay for seeing a taxi driver faint after glancing over at you at a red light. 

Toyota Fun Vii

Ok, so this promotional video for Toyota's latest concept car is absolutely mental. And creepy. The changing exterior is something we can get into though. This capability would allow cars to act as travelling advertisements, or just to look pretty as you take a jaunt to the shop. A moving mood ring, the car could change it's design with the press of a button on your smart phone. In fact, the car is pretty much a large smart phone. Hopefully Toyota will stop making the most sinister videos of all time and start building some of the more amazing aspects of this concept into it's current fleet.

Amphibious Lamborghini

Not the only car that can ride the waves out there, but certainly the coolest. This picture of the Lamborghini Countach isn't a mock-up, it's actually making it's driver incredibly sea sick. Usually landlubbers have to make do with watching The Life Aquatic for a taste of sea life, but perhaps in the future we'll all be able to travel the oceans in our very own swimming vehicles. Fingers crossed that the next step entails a car that can transform into a submarine-like vechicle, allowing you to peruse the sea bed from the comfort of the driver's seat. A must-have for any budding secret agents or island inhabiters. 

What would you most like to see in a car of the future?

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