Diaspora Cares About Your Privacy


Written by Jonasz Tolopilo
11 Monday 11th October 2010

Are you already so pissed at Zuckerberg's empire (I mean Facebook, if you don't even know whose idea this is) and can't stand the fact that you have to agree to let them do whatever they want with your photos, videos etc.? Yeah, me neither. Actually, the only thing I wouldn't like to experience is having my photo published on a billboard or something, couldn't care less about the rest. But if you actually are a bit geeky and don't want to give away info about yourself for free, you should consider Diaspora, the new, open-source social networking system, that will be released shortly.

The whole system is being built by four American nerds and is about to revolutionize the whole way we think about social media at the moment. As they admit, they want to restore the control of a users' online identity back to them so that everyone could choose which part of his data one wants to share with every single person. Sounds a bit unclear? Maybe if you see the video of the team speaking about the project, you'll get the whole idea:
The feature that speaks in favour of Diaspora is indefinitely open-source base. It means that every guy who thinks he's more clever than Diaspora’s founders can easily re-built or re-invent the whole system. With no restrictions. But this is not as ideal as you might think. Diaspora's first screen shots massively remind me of Facebook. Seriously guys, it's pretty much the same, even the layout is practically identical. And what's the point in putting an effort to create something which is repetitive and cannot interest potential users with its visual representation? I don't think anyone would bother to switch from Facebook to Diaspora just because it cares more about your privacy.
However, it has to be admitted that Diaspora undoubtedly has a great potential. People seem to get tired from all these fixed, 'your-data-belongs-to-us', hostile sites. This can be illustrated by the fact that Diaspora's founders before even starting the project were raising money to finance it. 10,000 bucks were raised in less than 40 days. Hope these four nerds will use this money wisely and they don't go to Bahamas with this money.


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    Tue 12 - Oct - 2010, 15:45
    This is old news, their source code release was a bust, and was ripped apart by experienced programmers. They barely accomplished anything with 4 people and 4 months and $200k, the whole project will probably be dead in the water in 6 months. http://www.kalzumeus.com/2010/09/22/security-lessons-learned-from-the-diaspora-launch/ There's other projects, though, that are a lot farther along, so hopefully people will start paying attention to them, Mistpark, SocialRiver, Gnu Social, Appleseed.