Facebook Exodus


Written by Jonasz Tolopilo
24 Monday 24th May 2010

Wake up. Take a shower. Get a coffee. Check Facebook. The average daily routine of most hipster wannabies around the world is pretty tragic, it has to be said. Social network is a worldwide phenomenon. It seems we’re all addicted to hyping ourselves and voyeuristically consuming the minuatea of our friends, acquaintances and more of than not complete strangers’ lives. There's been a heated debate about facebook not being so perfect for sometime. Finally, some guys have done something about it and have announced May 31 as International Quit Facebook Day.

Why quit? There're so many reasons. Some time ago, facebook launched a system called Open Graph – thanks to which it can exchange info about you with other companies. Saw an advert on your main page which suspiciously matched your interests? Looks like someone is making a great business out of sharing your personal info with other companies.
Another thing is that you cannot actually, practically delete your account. Even if you do manage to negotiate your way around the labyrinth of misdirection and opt-out pop-up boxes to actually get your profile taken down, it’s not dead. Facebook puts it on ice, keeping your personal information, photos, friends, everything and anything else you’ve added to the site. They can resurrect your profile at any time, as if they’ve discovered the secret of cryogenics. Once you’re in, you cannot quit. Now that sounds scary, eh?
Finally, Facebook treats you as a product, not as a customer. You are required to keep your personal information correct or otherwise your account can be deleted. Why? Maybe I really want to be Mick Jagger. At least only on the social networking site.
Thus it seems that not having facebook is way cooler than having it. Deleting your account can symbolise countercultural and anti-establishment ideologies. This might be just the thing you've been looking for to your anti-everything trendy attitude. Sign up for their page right away.
Once you've quit facebook, however, you've just got to figure out how on earth you are going to waste your time from now on!


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  • Guest: tommoxham
    Sat 05 - Jun - 2010, 11:31
    The site has obviously had a great deal of ups and downs over the past few years, particularly with security moans. My view is that Facebook is free to users for a reason, because of it's user base volume's attractiveness to companies who then fund its existence. Some view Marketing as unethical and intrusive. It's suggested that we are bombarded with thousands of brand messages in just one day, whether conscious or not. Surely people would rather these messages were relevant to that person/user? If Marketing can become more targeted, through the analysis of Facebook users and the data they share (at their choice) then surely users will be far more welcoming to these marketing messages? 9 times out of 10, marketing involves discount's and other benefits so I can't personally see why people would want to fend this off. Response to Marketing still remains the user/customers choice and so if people don't think they can hack the temptation of Marketing messages then simply change your security settings! I think Facebook's business model is incredibly impressive and I'm sure will continue to grow (to the wants and needs of its customers and clients). Mark, hats off dude.
  • AvianTrouble
    Sun 30 - May - 2010, 11:52
    Haha, I love the way that there's a 'share this article on facebook' button (: