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Written by Jack Sharp
Photos and illustrations by Drew Millward, Marvel Comics
09 Monday 09th January 2012

However, because so many people use Twitter, it can be hard to find new and interesting people to follow. We’ve come up with a few suggestions (originally five, but now eight) for this year's best and most under-followed tweeters. Some are Don't Panic favourites, and some are just folks we find interesting. Either way, we think they deserve more followers. Here they are.



BIO: A sneak peak at @StealthMountain, in their own words: “I alert twitter users that they typed sneak peak when they meant sneak peek. I live a sad life.”

Yes, StealthMountain politely corrects tweeters who say "sneak peak" instead of "sneak peek". Needless to say, they receive some pretty angry responses.

"wow u right hey. U soooo right!!!! GTFOH wit spell chek" tweeted one annoyed user. Although, ironically, of course, "sneak peak" wouldn't be identified as incorrect by a spell checker.

Favourite recent tweet: “I think you mean ‘sneak peek’”



BIO: A really funny tweeter with a fondness for witty one-liners and cynical gems. He has already been identified by Reader's Digest, so follow fast before he starts tweeting composting tips and basic word games.

Favourite recent tweets: "To get your real dad's name, take your mum to the pub and add two bottles of wine."; "Seeing lots of your favourite people tweet about Celebrity Big Brother's like finding animal porn under your new girlfriend's bed."



BIO: An artist and illustrator previously featured here on Don’t Panic, Drew has illustrated posters for Flight of The Conchords, Bon Iver, Deerhoof, Sonic Youth and Mogwai to name a few. He also posts highly amusing tweets on a variety of subjects, from how utterly abysmal Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show is to his close friendship with Danny from McFly. Drew is also part of a touring "creative brotherhood" known as The Dead Sea Mob; be sure to follow them, too. 

Favourite recent tweet: “Pardon my ignorance, but is Mitt actually a name? Like a proper human name? Or is Mitt Romney's full name actually Mittens? Like a cat?”



BIO: "Pretty much every tweet you have already seen and will ever see." If there just isn't enough inane tweeting going on in your Twitterfeed, follow this account to get very regular summaries that could probably replace the content provided by all of the celebrities and regular tweeters that you're already following. See, literally, in front of your very eyes the dazzling intellect of the average twitter user!

Favourite recent tweets: "SO EXCITED A CELEBRITY JUST RETWEETED ME I WIN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING"; "cnat findf my shoe :( #lostiesnighnt #drujnkl"



BIO: Michael Azerrad is known to many for his book Our Band Could Be Your Life, which chronicles the careers of several underground rock bands, including Sonic Youth and Minutemen. Follow his Twitter account for regular suggestions of new, old and often previously unheard alternative/punk music. He also regularly posts links to his newly written articles, and replies to followers with questions for him.

Favourite recent tweets: "These new albums will rule in 2012: Callers, Delicate Steve, Dirty Projectors, Sharon Van Etten, Lower Dens, Yellow Ostrich"; "'80s Punk Charlie Brown Christmas' — so great! (Bummer about the 'lags,' but stick with it.)"



BIO: Even the Hulk needs money, which is exactly why he works a nine to five job in a printing office (it didn’t come up in the comics very much). Sure, he may be physically threatening, but if you want a collection of figures inputted into a database, he’s your guy. Although, understandably, sometimes even the incredible Hulk (that’s Bruce Hulk to his co-workers) deserves a quick break from time consuming administrative tasks. That’s why he takes to Twitter to bitch about office politics, his inconsiderate co-workers and the frustrations of working with technology.

If you work in an office, you might just relate to Hulk’s tweets. And when Hulk gets home for his busy day at the office, he has a few beers and tweets using his other account, @DRUNKHULK.



BIO: The Doll Says (AKA Dolly) regularly tweets hilarious little nuggets, often with a healthy degree of cynacism. Also be sure to check out her equally amusing blog. Past posts include a funny write-up about KFC's "The Double", a bacon and cheese burger sandwiched in between two chicken breasts, supposedly for ‘carb-conscious’ customers; and an amusing piece on her struggles to get her printer to work.

Favourite recent tweets: "Recreate the feeling of watching #cbb by stapling an issue of OK! to your face while listening to eight seagulls fighting over a pasty."; "BBC 3 announcer just said 'O to the M to the G'. I hope her face falls off, the gormless fucktrumpet."; "Find your U2 name. Take the name of your favourite line segment joining two adjacent vertices in a polygon and put 'The' in front of it."



BIO: If you play Skyrim, you might like this account. And if you have no idea what a Skyrim is, then I should probably explain: Skyrim is an insanely addictive video game, and probably the reason why you haven’t seen half of your friends in the past couple of months. This particular Twitter account was set up by somebody to document various odd things that they hear their girlfriend say while she's playing it. Things like: “I'm a harvester. I don't know why, but I have the need to collect mushrooms and flowers. All of them!”

Favourite recent tweet: "Can I please slay a dragon before bed? I'll feel so much more resolved if I kill a dragon first."

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