Future Technology


Written by Dan Hampson
31 Monday 31st October 2011

The point when, some say inevitably, we artificially create smarter-than-human intelligence is known as the Singularity and is both a real possibility and a huge talking point among the scientific community. Whilst you might think it not too hard to create a robot with the brain capacity of some humans, the actual science is infinitely complex and throws up some interesting moral and philosophical questions. If you create an AI that can learn, then you can improve human intelligence which in turn improves technology and further improves human intelligence, creating a kind of positive feedback loop which should have us firmly in I-Robot territory in about thirty years. For the moment though, we're content to force robots to dance badly to J-pop.

Death has been an annoying part of life for quite a while now and scientists are working harder than ever to study the body's aging process and try to chemically halt it. According to the ludicrously absorbing website Future Timeline, by 2065 we will have treatments available to halt the aging process and prolong life almost indefinitely, opening up possibly the biggest metaphorical can of worms possible. Our mortality is a factor in almost everything that we do; removing it would cause a fundamental restructuring of society, law and business, though if we haven’t blown each other up by 2065 I’ll buy you a pint.

Whilst we might have negated the inevitability of death in the future, we'll still of course be susceptible to freak accidents, like say, losing a limb. Luckily for us all, scientists are currently exploring the possibilty of completely regenerating lost limbs. A research team based in Philadelphia has found that restricting the P21 gene in mice causes cells to act like "regenerating embryonic stem cells" which resulted in mice that had lost ears being able to fully re-grow them, offering the potential for implementation on humans.

The above video is a gem I thought i'd leave you with.  Floating things, the Singlularity, robots and regenerating limbs are all well and good but really, it's all futile when the Japanese are making a device to clean mayonnaise.


The singularity and ensuing global collapse will occur soon. Let us know what you think about it, below.

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