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Written by Chris Price
03 Monday 03rd May 2010

Microsoft unveiled its TV teaser for Halo Reach (Xbox 360) last week. The good news is that after salivating over this epic teaser is that on 3rd May you’ll be able to dip into the BETA demo on Xbox Live. It's got jetpacks and stealth kills now too.


Entitled Birth of a Spartan, the teaser is so grandiose that as one of the few games that could rival Modern Warfare 2 in terms of anticipation, it looks like Bungie are going for broke to out-Hollywood MW2’s launch.
Saying that, you know how Activision own Infinity Ward? They now own Bungie too – just signed to a 10 year multi-format deal.
“We chose to partner with Activision on our next IP because of their global reach, multi-platform experience and marketing expertise,” Bungie president Harold Ryan stated in a press release.
This comes within a fortnight of the big kerfuffle with Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward - in a nutshell, developers expected to support the big franchise forever, producers go rogue, they get fired, setup new studio, 16 core team jump ship in solidarity. It looks like Bungie have a few new IP’s in store though, so hopefully the creative shackles are going to result in any unpleasantness. Still, the more triple-A designers with secure jobs, the better.
Got all excited about Call of Duty? Treyarch – those who developed Call of Duty: World at War a return to the fold with Call of Duty: Black Ops on November 9th, 2010.

Not enough testosterone and gunplay? Gears of War producer Cliff Bleszinski new visionary release is Bulletstorm. Looking suspiciously like what I would envision the fabled Duke Nukem Forever might, People Can Fly Studios are going for the Unreal Tournament crown, as Bulletstorm reward multiplayers for ‘stylish’ kills. Gameinformer have all the details :
More corporate news. Ubisoft have gone green! They’re ditching manuals. Following on from utilising 100 per cent recycled plastic DVD cases starting with Splinter Cell: Conviction, Shaun White Skateboarding will be the first released booklet. Manual are going to be intuitive digital variants (on disc, I guess). I can’t remember the last time I actually thumbed a manual for fear of ‘folding the spine’ and halving the resale value. Good idea though. Ubisoft US boss Laurent-Detoc said it was a "privilege" to be "the industry leader at saving trees". 
The role playing game is alive and kicking it seems – while Zelda has now been all but buried in the casual gaming sector, the Japanese platinum selling Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) continues to tear up UK Wii charts. If you play games with a notepad in front of you, the Monster Hunter series is for you. Somewhere between World of Warcraft and Devil May Cry, you and a bunch of cyberspace hunters tool up and go out to hunt big game. BIG game. Very hard, distressingly laborious, but deeply satisfying. If you don’t have a job and or do anything else in your life.

If you are a sucker for further punishment, Demon Souls (PS3 exclusive) has been confirmed for UK release. After kicking the ass of Japanese and US demon hunters, it’s finally getting ported over here. Metacritic gave it 90%. Plus we’ll be getting a rather snazzy 'Black Phantom Edition', which includes the game, soundtrack, book and strategy guide as well. Out June 25. 
Realtime Worlds have released a second video documentary in advance of Crackdown 2. Emphasising the ‘fun’ of the first one. Just Cause 2 has inched that bar higher and higher since the original. Crackdown 2 is slated for release on 9th July.

Capcom have been a busy bunch of bee’s recently. Super Street Fighter IV hit the shelves on Friday (go out and buy, its fabulous! Read the review next week!), Lost Planet 2 is out in 2 weeks (again, review next week) Capcom’s annual showcase Captivate 2010 has just wrapped, where they announced some killer titles. Long-awaited Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Fate of Two Worlds apparently), Okami-lite Okamiden exclusively for the Nintendo DS and Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 for download. After twenty years, the Commando has finally been blessed with the abilty to JUMP. Hurray for progression.


If you’re in the need of some Capcom retro-revivial, the superb (if spiritually hard) Mega Man 10 is available on Wii Ware/PSN/XBL with a bunch of fresh DLC, and the fantastic Final Fight Double Impact (Final Fight and Magic Sword double pack) is available on PSN/XBL.
What better companion to Double Impact than a destructible barrel (!) – buy them before they vanish into the ether.

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