Games Roundup


Written by Chris Price
07 Monday 07th June 2010
So, June rolls in. The beginning of the festival season, where the summer sun turns the skin of many of us Britons an angry red. It’s also the month of the E3 Festival, the biggest video games industry trade show. An almighty 4 day back-slap-athon out in the sunny climes of San Francisco. 
Fingers crossed, I’ll be there, trying to look important and businessman-like. Chances are that I’ll be having a major geekgasm somewhere in a crowded trade stall, trying to blag as much free merchandise as my shame allows. Full report, hopefully, in a couple of weeks.
At the moment, most publishers are holding fire until then. So a few snippets of info from the past week. Team 17, hot on the heels of rebooting their fantastic Alien Breed franchise with Alien Breed Evolution, the classic Worms 2: Armageddon is currently going cheap on XBL for a measly 400 points.
Revel in one of the greatest party games of all time! Despair how it went all 3D and turned to bollocks. 
Publishers Square Enix have released a snippet teaser for the new Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution. I personally thought time had been called on those post-Blade Runner sci-fi adventures a long time ago. But with Mass Effect 2 being such a breakout success with its blend of action and discovery, maybe we’re on the crest of a new resurgence. Nothing given away by the teaser, except a possible limb-based targeting system like Fallout 3. We shall know more in a fortnight.
Speaking of teasers that show no gameplay, Sony’s PS3 exclusive Killzone 3 gets a bump up the ratings in anticipation of major E3 presence after releasing this lovely slo-mo Helghast drubbing. Nothing screams ‘alpha-male’ louder than standing on a pile of dead combatants.
More chest-beating and nine o’clock shadows can be found with Crytek’s Crysis 2 – follow up to one of the most power-hungry games of late. The sequel will be available for PS3 & 360 as well as the native PC. Lots of lovely explosions and ricochets. Very little else. Well see where it ends up – it might be a case of getting you to the war zone, but leaving you stranded once you’re there.
Also this Friday sees the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Picking up a Metacritic rating of 98%, with majority of pundits lauding it up as an almost-perfect game. Nintendo’s seemingly effortless ability of banging out spotless in-house titles seems so unstoppable, that nothing I could say will have any impact on its assured success. I had half and hour with it at last weeks MCM Expo until I was bundled off it by a Dad accompanying a very irate looking child, dressed as a pirate (“come on mate, you’ve had your fun”).
It’s was okay – fun, quirky, very ‘retrospective’. Lots of little nods to the Mario back catalogue, plus the return of everyone’s favourite dinosaur Yoshi. I see it in the context of a nice, new coffee table. You’ll be all excited when you buy it. You’ll use it over and over, and it’ll just blend into the fabric of your life. So much so, you’ll forget it was ever an event. You’ll have to forgive me if I continue to try and perfect Kings 12-hit combos in Tekken 6 instead.
But SMG2 is doing a midnight launch in London, where you can get your copy signed by Charles Martinet (the voice of Mario). I’m sure he will be recording voicemails-a-plenty. Takes place on 10th June, 11pm until 1am @ GAME, 100 Oxford Street, London, W1D 1LL.
It’s free, but if you don’t buy a copy of SMG2, you’re probably more likely to get a kick in the balls from Martinet than a handshake.

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