Written by Jonasz Tolopilo
05 Tuesday 05th October 2010

How does it feel to believe in something and after some time find out that it's actually bullshit? Well, yeah, that's probably not the best feeling you can ever experience. To prevent you from the dissapointment, twitter users started tweeting the lies that shouldn't trick people. So if you're a clever user, thanks to twitter you may have a chance to never be tricked again. The best part is that it doesn't look like an advertising campaign or anything. It's just pure user-based initiative. Well done, millions of no-lifes who spend their whole day thinking about lies that you shouldn't fall for. Seriously guys, you're saving the world.
Here's our top three lies you shouldn't fall for posted on Twitter:
1. “Wait for me, I'm down the road, like five minutes away.” I'm sure you've all experienced that. After another 20 minutes of fruitless waiting you start to think where you could bury their body so that noone would notice. When the guy finally turns up you're so angry that actually you don't want to grab a beer with this guy anymore. Irony of life, eh?
2. "I just happened to be in the neighbourhood..." Whatever, you filthy stalker you!
3. “Christian Beadles is never making another video.” That's probably one of the most ruthless lies you can experience. This Justin Bieber look-a-like should be locked in a space shuttle and sent to the Saturn to entertain undiscovered civilisations. Never believe when you hear that he's not making his shitty videos anymore. He'll be poisoning humanity until it's dead.

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    Thu 07 - Oct - 2010, 08:15
    shit article, your website is shit