LIFE IN 2050

Life in 2050

LIFE IN 2050

26 Monday 26th April 2010


So much has changed since you last visited Don’t Panic. First jet-packs became our mode of transport, and then turbo-transport implants became the norm. Robots replaced retired politicians, we cloned ourselves to save time and Earth became so overpopulated it threatened to combust before our very eyes…. Realistically, who knows if any of that will happen. Asking a select group of artists what Life in 2050 will be like, leading Graphic design studio Transmission made it their mission to take a creative guess.
For the 9th edition of the Sci-Fi London festival, contemporary art exhibition Life in 2050 makes a quick stop at the Proud Central Gallery. Twenty-two exciting artists from around the world give us a sneaky-peek of life fast-forwarded by forty-years. As-1 Projects were one of two competition winners whose work features in the final exhibition. Modern Romance is a spec-tech-ular vision of life in the future.

AS-1 Modern Romance

Daniel K Sparkes started out as a member of the British subversive art scene in the early 2000s and went on to produce designs for Nike and illustrations for Warp Records and Redbull. Nowadays, Sparkes works solely as a fine artist and produces work for contemporary art exhibitions.
Sparkes describes this piece of art as illustrating ‘one of the Mother Sky cloud shapes that appeared in the sky after the great Earth cracking of 2044’ – might take a while to get your head round this one!
Daniel K Sparkes, Micheal Maus (Mothersky) Smoking The Animals Through The Third Ark - Commemorative Piece- 2044
If you fancy a more light-hearted take on the future, there’s more great work to see from Stephen Elford, MVM and Alex Trochut. Each artist produced imaginative and thought-compelling pieces, merging the boundaries of tech, art and design.
Stephen Elford, MVM, Alex Trochut



The exhibition runs from April 22 – May 4 with free admission. If the popularity of the private view is anything to go by, it’s going to be a busy two weeks. So pay a visit while you can and see for yourself the possibilities of Life in 2050.


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