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Written by Chris Price
30 Monday 30th January 2012


Of all the HD bundles that have been out as of late, MGSHD probably has more truck than most, due to the amount of nutty stuff embedded in the games intended to satisfy an increasing rabid fanbase. And moreover, it showcases the fruits of a true auteur, Hideo Kojima, a man who is obviously a little batshit crazy. But there’s no doubt that the man has had the ability to equally surprise and entertain through the evolution of this 3rd person based adventure title. Here’s a little rundown on some of the crazier elements of the Metal Gear Solid series.


Psycho Mantis

One of the freshest and still lauded moments of the series is Snake’s battle with the mind bending Psycho Mantis in the first MGS game. After a spot of chicanery with your female compatriot Meryl, and a warning of mind control powers, Mantis will start taunting you with a spot of fourth wall breakage. The game actually takes to reading your memory card for other Konami releases and taunting the frequency of your saves from other Konami games. Once you’ve realised Mantis can anticipate and defend against every one of your moves – the cheapest boss in history becomes a pussy cat when you find out that physically unplugging your controller from the PlayStation’s default port 1 and re-plugging into port 2 allows his swift dispatch. 

Time Paradox

With a game so rooted in narrative (no matter how impenetrably confusing it might get), setting the third numerical release of your series twenty years before the first two can throw up some interesting problems.  Such as when jumped by truculent pistol-twirling upstart Ocelot. If you decide to execute said Red Beret, you’ll be delivered an immediate ‘GAME OVER’ due to a ‘Time Paradox’ mission failure, for killing someone an instrumental character in the following bunch of games.


Johnny Sasaki

It’s common knowledge that Japanese humour can often verge on the scatological, and the MGS series doesn’t escape. Armitage Shanks-related comic relief comes in the form of Johnny Sasaki, hapless US soldier who’s either being abducted, tortured or ridiculed and notable for suffering from IBS, and either colds or bouts of diarrhea. Additional fluid-based humour comes in Metal Gear Solid 3, where quaffing every living thing in your sightline to stay alive can often give Naked Snake a touch of illness – if you go into your Survival Viewer (essentially an interactive inventory) you can use the manipulation of the character viewer (normally used to heal body parts from injury) use the analog sticks to spin him around a few times to make him vomit up the last thing he ate.


The Meryl Codec

The industry-wide migration to digital distribution might alleviate one of MGS's most frustrating moments. After laying out Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 1, Commander Roy instructs you to call Meryl using your radio and a codec frequency on the back of the box. Now, due to MGS’ reliance on cardboard boxes, you’d think it was a game item – and many have piled futile hours into hunting for this code. The code is actually on the back of the games retail box. 

The End

The ancient elite sniper with the roving eye is possibly one of the more sombre boss characters in the series. Clinging onto life purely to end Snake’s, he cuts a bleak character motivated by a narcissistic pride in his skill. Still, the confrontation in Metal Gear Solid 3 is an arduous affair.  If only there was a way to avoid this? If you save your game mid-battle, go into the PS2’s dashboard and set your clock ahead by a year and reload, you’ll find a dejected Snake standing over the deceased body of The End, having croaked from old age. Cue Snake questioning his techniques and a verbal pat on the back from Major Tom. 


Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection is out on 3 February for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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