New Kind of Learning in Bali


Written by Hannah Grantz
29 Monday 29th November 2010
Canadian John Hardy wants kids to be able to learn in a new way. After watching Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, an Academy Award winning documentary focusing on climate change, which Hardy says “ruined” his life, he and his wife decided they wanted to devote their lives to improving possibilities for coming generations. In doing so, the pair came up with the idea for the Green School near their home in Bali.
Designed and later made into seven kilometers entirely of bamboo, Green School is different from a standard classroom in that it has no walls, bamboo blackboards, imperfect desks, and natural lighting. Mentioning that most schools in North America are shaped as boxes, made by the same people who design prisons, Hardy says it’s not the ideal environment for a child to develop and learn. 
Aiming at teaching kids that the world is “not indestructible,” Hardy has created three simple rules to follow for a better life: be local, let the environment lead, and think about how your grandchildren might build. The school, comprised of 20% Balinese students, offers classes that might seem out of the ordinary, such as bamboo building, and mud wrestling in rice fields. Going into it’s third year, Green School now has students and teachers from over the world, bringing even more diversity into the learning place.
Although he says Mr. Gore ruined his life by making him aware that the world might not be the same for his grandchildren, Hardy built his Green School as a model for the rest of the world to follow, hoping to educate children on alternatives for their future.
For more information on Green School, visit their website here.

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