New Technology and Hardware in the Vaping World


Written by Don't Panic
12 Thursday 12th May 2016

Even though technology changed more or less everything around us, smoking cigarettes remained amazingly simple even decades after computers and other forms of technology burst onto the scene. Some tobacco rolled up in a piece of paper with a filter - and you are ready to smoke.

All this and more was set to change when e-cigs arrived on the scene at the turn of the century. Since then many improvements have been made in the vaping devices, making it last longer and better. In order to use e-cigs, you need a couple of things like an atomizer that acts as a heating element, some of the best vape juice available in the market for flavor and a battery to power the atomizer that will heat the vape juice to produce the smoke. You should look no further than Best Vape Juice; as the name suggests, the company specializes in providing the best quality and flavored vape juice on the Internet.

Now this sounds simple and it is; with the advancement of technology, new vaping tech has emerged in the market and they are changing the way we vape. Let us take a look at some of the best use of technology on e-cigs and how it has made them better:

Wearable tech

Wearable tech is everywhere and vape industry is no different. There are tees and hoodies available in the market that hide in plain sight. The hoodies come with two nylon ropes poking out near the shoulder and onto the chest. Only these nylon ropes are now agents that deliver smoke when you inhale.

Induction based vaporizer

A new product called Evoke was launched in the year 2014 that is based on induction technology. The electronic vaporizer itself is built using wood instead of stainless and other manmade elements. Though the device is built using wood, it does not resemble wooden pipes from the 19th century.

But what matters is the technology that is used inside this vaping device. Instead of using a wick and coil to burn the vape juice, it uses induction technology that makes it healthier than its competitors. Another benefit of this induction based vape is that it requires fewer replacements. Inside the Evoke is a smart chip which the makers claim controls the whole experience of vaping.


So what makes Juul so unique? Juul is a pocket size e-cig that comes with juice filled or flavored cartridges that you can swap in and out depending on what kind of flavor you are looking at. This makes the whole process of vaping more simplified and less painful. So you create different cartridges with different juice packs and flavors, and then you carry them with you in your pocket or in your vaping kit. Juul only costs $50 and comes with three cartridges.

You can buy more if you want. This is the same way we use flash drives and USB devices. Whatever your requirements, you can swap flash drives and use the one you need. Maybe that is where the creators of Juul got their inspiration from.

Memory chips

VUSE is an e-cig that comes pre-installed with a microprocessor and a memory chip that makes sure that the heat is consistent and so is the vapingexperience. The memory chip with the help of the processor adjusts battery power to increase or decrease the output to the heating element that produces the smoke. When your cartridge runs low on vape juice or liquid, as it is commonly called, it will flash a red light warning so you have enough time to refill.


Cigars have always been associated with the rich and powerful. No wonder some manufacturers are making e-cigs that are shaped like cigars to give their users that feeling of satisfaction and importance. It comes with swag. Cigar based e-cigs not only look different, but they also feel different. These e-cigs are shaped differently and look very modern - in some cases, even futuristic.


Some manufacturers are creating hybrid products that combine the agility and modern look of vaporizers with the simple taste and flavor of the good old tobacco. These manufacturers are using nicotine in liquid form so that it can be mixed with the vape juice of choice to produce the desired taste and flavor. In some of the other hybrid arrangement, a small amount of tobacco is placed at the tip of the mouth from where the smoke comes out and when you smoke, the vapor passes through the tobacco to give you that familiar taste and smell.

Some of the earliest e-cigs that came on to the scene were merely trying to replicate the smoking process of the regular paper and tobacco based cigarettes. Their aim was to provide smokers a healthier and better way to smoke.

But with the advent of technology and new players who have entered the market operating more like tech companies rather than regular cigarette companies, it is not surprisingly to see all these developments. All these developments have made it possible for you to vape for an entire day without having to change or charge batteries, refill juice, or change atomizers every now and then.

The e-cig market is still in its infancy and a lot of products and features are yet to be added and invented. 


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