North Korea's Internet Escapades


12 Wednesday 12th January 2011


Loathe to be left out, now 2011 is in on the action. The DPRK's official Youtube and twitter accounts were hacked on the 8th, in honour of Kim Jong-un's birthday. The South Korean hackers who have claimed responsibility for the Youtube takeover also took the opportunity to post a video. It depicts young Kim running over his starving citizens in a red convertible. The pile of their bodies then causes the train carrying his birthday presents to crash, catapulting a yacht, car and gold bars onto the hood of the convertible.



Speaking of red convertibles, here's another one in this North Korean propaganda cartoon. Here, the young protagonist traces a protractor to draw a US helmet and pretends to shoot it using his compass and pencil. Then he falls asleep. Is this what happens when you don't have an awesome iphone or sufficient nutrition to keep you conscious? Anyway, in his dreams his fantasy scenario comes true as the boy drives his red convertible to a seaside cliff! There, he fires at mean-looking anthropomorphic American ships and missiles with giant pencils that he aims with an enormous protractor.



 North Koreans may not have internet access, but judging from the laptop in Park Jin-Joon's video, they no longer need raid your pencil case for technology. In her video, Park searches for words to express the sweet bliss of life in Pyongyang and her sorrow for the suffering of those under capitalist imperialism.



The characters of this animated film are similarly lost for words. Here, squirrels in military fatigues gaze down from a helicopter, weeping with a fierce joy at the sight of their utopian homeland. Their friends fly up to them, riding on ducks in sailor suits, borne aloft with confetti and streamers.



However, not all cartoon squirrels feel the same way. Some readers may be familiar with a very different perspective from the North Korean Magical Realism storyline in Achewood a while ago. 'This frikkin' blows! that fat guy ain't magic! he looks like a k-k-kid who ate seven dinners is all!' Todd Squirrel observes. 'They got anything ta do there 'sides jump around and act like farty little mister mcsnackerpants fell outta some hawk's twat?'




That was 2009, and 2010 demonstrated that the Dear Leader's days are not occupied with shouting at mountains to cause storms, though as this praise song asserts, huge storms always happen.



They also do this:



loloLOLOLOMFG. ROFP(issing)P(ants)A(t)T(houghts)O(f)WWIII. Here's to a 2011 of more virtual skirmishes and less actual ones.


For more of North Korea's video activity, check out their official youtube channel,


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