Online after-deaths


Written by Jonasz Tolopilo
18 Monday 18th October 2010

Have you ever thought what would happen if you died today? I mean, not what would happen to you, would you go to heaven or burn in the abysses of hell: what would happen to your facebook account or twitter? Who would post statuses about your cool life or, well, death? I prefer to believe that they do have facebook access in heaven, so I'm trying to behave myself in the best way I can to get there. If you're not such an optimist, you may want to hire a company that'll take care of your online presence. Yeah, such companies exist, and this is an article about it. 

If you just want to get your social network accounts deleted after you've passed away, you don't actually need to pay for it. Entrusted will do it for free, so if you really care about what happens to your online self after your material self is gone, you may wanna register now. Who knows what can happen the following hour, right?
You may also be looking for a company that you can provide with your statuses up to 50 years in advance. When you die, you can be sure will publish them on your account. I really love the idea that I can set something like, “Hi guys, unfortunately I'm still dead, so please do not contact me. I should be back shortly”.
Deathswitch is a company that checks repeatedly if you're still alive. If one day they found out you're actually dead, they'll inform your facebook friends about this sad fact. Probably something like, “Sorry guys, apparently I'm dead so from now on you'll have one less facebook friends”.
Jeez, now I'm just waiting for a day when you'll be able to perform a funeral for your facebook friends. You know, virtual coffin, wall in black, that kind of thing.


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