Photoshop Disasters


Written by Don't Panic
01 Monday 01st February 2010

Recently Ralph Lauren went through a massive storm of criticism because of some quite bad retouching mistakes of one of their models in an ad. Not only did they shrink the waist of model Filippa Hamilton to Etheopian measures, the company also decided to give her the boot since they thought she was a bit “too fat.” The blog which discovered Ralph Lauren’s ad, Photoshop Disasters, got a great deal of attention. Since Don’t Panic think that PsD is quite funny, we decided to bring to you some of our favourite retouch catastrophes.

Anyone would be happy with that arm..

I would love to go on that diet!

Not even the most powerful media woman in the world can afford to spend a few extra quid on getting some good PS work done

At first we didn't see what was wrong.. until we looked at that arm.

Cartoon kid!

What's up with retouching people and arms?

Ralph Lauren never seems to learn!

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