Photoshop Fails


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
14 Wednesday 14th December 2011

Their inspiration came from the ridiculous editorials and advertisements that largely women’s magazines have been increasingly getting away with publishing, regardless of how unrealistic the models are made to look. So in Eric and Hany’s honour, we’ve rounded up some of the greatest Photoshop fails of the year.

Jessica Biel’s shoot for Glamour UK in the main image left discerning readers scratching their heads, when they couldn’t quite put a finger on what was so wrong with her skin in the photo. Looks like a case of hasty smudging and some pretty awful blurring; so much so that a woman whose hotness normally brings people to their knees looks like her arms melting in the heat of some invisible flame. The tonal errors on her arms and totally incomplete job on her legs make us wonder if there was a fire-alarm during the edit, then a frazzled rush to print. That better be the reason.

H&M are blazing a trail here with their online photo content, airbrushing most models to within an inch of their lives and tending to leave them with weirdly knobbly and child-like limbs. The last time we checked, a shop that doesn’t even use real models any more was pretty guilty of false advertising. Awkwardly, it transpired last week that the body seen in all these swimwear shots doesn’t actually belong to a woman. Some mastermind at the high street monolith developed a sort of mannequin template, then just dropped the heads and skin-tones of different women onto it, on different pages. All lined up here, it’s clear that their non-existent body is not only strangely shaped but a total figment of someone’s imagination.

Keeping the dream alive, they also seem to be guilty of slicing the face off one of their models. We don’t know if her body’s actually real either, but it’s clear from where I’m sitting that not even that budget-variety floppy summer hat would be able to hide every single part of her face on the reverse shot. And we’re not too sure about the ghostly hand trying to rest on what would be her hips if she hadn’t been slimmed down to have none.

Contortion and misplaced body parts also have their place in this hall of shame, as these two photos prove. South African-born Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel has been at the heart of a massive gaff surrounding several images on the Vic’s Secret website this year. In this one Candice (pictured right) appears to have some vastly overdeveloped deltoids atop her tiny frame. No. On the other hand the blonde on the left seems to have had the sort of breast implant that leaves really perky boobs chilling halfway down your torso. An odd choice, to say the least.

This image of Karlie Kloss from this month’s Vogue Italia also had people questioning whether her body was for real and things got more suspicious when Vogue removed it from their website a few hours after originally posting. Still this video proves that it may be up for debate (1:35ish) and that maybe her crotch is just that capable of twisting like that.

Finally, Viggo Mortensen brings it in for the guys, retouched into some sort of tween and wrinkle-free age in this shot for the New York Times Style Magazine. We hope this was part of some time warp series because we’re pretty sure no 53-year old man can look like this. 

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