Psst! Wanna Use American Netflix?


Written by Robert Foster
23 Saturday 23rd February 2013

There's a special circle of hell reserved for the people who invented region locking, the system whereby you can't stream certain videos or use certain services online simply because of your location. It means you can't watch the Daily Show clips they always feature on Gawker and you can't use the US's great internet radio system Pandora, but most importantly, it means that your Netflix selection is about 10% of what you'd have if you were in the US.

But all is not lost! Some smart nerds somewhere or other have made a plug-in for Chrome and Firefox that tricks your computer into thinking it's in the US, or something, and gives you access to region locked content- I've got no idea how it works, but it works. Go get it here (it takes about three clicks to install, this whole thing's too good to be true) and enjoy pretty much everything that's ever been on US tv ever ever ever, including 30 Rock, any Seth Macfarlane cash cow, all Futurama, and about 100000% more movies. Your hangover is thanking me prefusely right now, isn't it?

(My personal favourite show up there at the moment is Workaholics, go check it out.)

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  • Guest: beavischris
    Mon 25 - Feb - 2013, 18:57
    I prefer a service like Show Monkey. I can set up multiple devices and watch US content on my PS3 or Xbox. Working great for me.