Tech Gets a Retro Makeover


Written by Suzie McCracken
13 Sunday 13th May 2012

This wormhole has some unusual and confusing properties. Funny that. Some of your stuff has leaked back here, and some of our stuff is making an appearance in your universe. I’d fax you the details but I'm told you’ve got super fast dial up.

By Squirrel Monkey

I've always been an Ask Jeeves purist, but this new-fangled search engine called Google is starting to catch on. This clip was shown on Tomorrow's World, highlighting how Google will help us find 'cool stuff' for years to come (you can watch it via 'Youtube'). Fingers crossed they don't do anything silly like change their logo everyday or try to take over the world! I hope you've already got RealPlayer installed so you can watch the video.

This is a hot off the press Apple video giving us a glimpse of the future. It seems pretty space age to me, what with that handheld screen she's got. I wonder what they'll call that kind of technology... perhaps a pad? I'm not sure where that name came from, but it feels pretty natural. I'd patent it but I'm sure it won't take off.

In the nineties we are totally loving the 1-bit look. My cat looks even more adorable than usual when he's super pixelated. You can grab a slice of the action with this 1-bit camera application that makes your snaps look like they were taken on a Gameboy Camera. I asked for one to attach to my Nintendo for Christmas but this pioneering technology doesn't come cheap :(

By Squirrel Monkey

I've saved the best for last everybody! Here's a game for your PC that's taking every universe by storm! Draw Something is a phenomena, and for only £59.99 you can own a copy and play it with your friends. It's fun for all the family with it's easy interface and appealing colours. Unfortunately, even here in the past everyone's noticed it's a complete Pictionary rip-off.

Is there any tech you'd like to see in a retro style?

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