Spelunky What?


Written by Robin Squire
15 Monday 15th March 2010
Remember the days when a cool video game was just something simple and addictive, and often painfully hard?  Spelunky pretty much emulates this vibe whilst blowing your mind at the same time, and best of all, it’s free.

For the most part Spelunky is almost identical to what you’d expect from an old NES game, right down to the primitive 8-bit music.  The premise is simple; you’re some nameless dude tasked with navigating a series of 2-D caves, encountering all sorts of weird situations in the process.  Oh, and it’s damn difficult.

So what’s so current about a video game that pays homage to the 80s?  Well, each level is randomly generated, so no two experiences will ever be exactly the same.  It’s a stroke of genius; counteracting the relentless difficulty found in games of this era with an incentive to give the game another go (over, and over, again).  Spelunky will of course run on any PC, which is what the 21 Century is all about isn’t it?  Downloading free stuff?

Give it a try; you’ll stumble across some truly strange things.  How does an uncompromising cave-dwelling shopkeeper with a sawn-off shotgun sound?   

Download Spelunky on your PC for free and let us know what you discover.


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