Stuff To Control With Your iPhone


Written by Charlie Cole
31 Tuesday 31st July 2012

Espresso machine

Now there are two apps you can connect to your bluetooth-friendly espresso machine. One simply has a dock to slot your iphone into and allows you to control it... the other is much cooler. From anywhere in the world you can command your machine to start churning out the java any way you want it. What's even cooler, you can set your phone to the touch command, which starts up the machine as soon as you touch your phone to turn off your alarm in the morning. Now if only we had a robot minion to bring it to us in bed...

USB missile launcher

Panic not! This is not as ominous and ludicrous as it sounds. No military has actually created a missile launcher that someone can control with their iphone... That we know of. This is just a toy, but it's still pretty awesome. You can place the launcher wherever you want and control it from the safety of your hiding place. Even when on, it looks dormant so as not to warn your intended victim, and can be activated with the slightest touch of a button. This is evil tomfoolery at its finest.


This was definitely made by a lazy husband. Rather than pushing a mower around the lawn you could make this little bug-looking thing do it instead. It's lightweight and surprisingly efficient, although the grass trap does need changing every 15 minutes or so. It's not for heavy or thick grass and doesn't move that quickly... So it's probably still best to stick those mowers you ride on (why would anyone not want to do that anyway?!)


Prototype and toy helicopters you can control with an iphone have been on the market for quite some time, but rumour has it that the US government is looking into using the technology for real choppers! Apparently useful for intelligence recovery and land surveying, implementing this technology could lead to eliminating the need for putting soldiers' lives at risk. Meawhile you'll have to make do with this miniature version.

Home security

If you've ever seen the more recent remake of The Stepford Wives, you'll be incredibly jealous of that home system that controlled the security, the temperature and lighting. It even told you when you ran out of milk in the fridge. Whilst we're not quite there yet, there are a plethora of home systems that offer comprehensive security that can be controlled from your very own iPhone.

Rental Cars

Everyone knows about the rental car apps by now. You can search for and hire a care from the comfort of your own home with an iPhone, but now famous dealerships like ZipCar have released an app that finds the car, rents the car and then controls the car. You can unlock, open and start the car from your iphone, preventing you from ever having to fuss with keys in the rain.

The KURATAS robot

This is what we've been waiting for since the dawn of time: A rideable robot. The KURATAS robot is 13ft tall, weighs four tonnes and could be yours for the bargain price of £900,000. Japanese firm Suidobashi Heavy Industry created this fully controllable, fully rideable robot with the sole aim of fulfilling your childhood dream of becoming a robot pilot. The cockpit in the robot's chest is home to the principle touch screen controller, but for an extra $600 you can get the added iPhone feature, allowing you to manoeuvre the robot externally. Other incredibly cool features include an Xbox Kinect feature that allows you to control your robot using gestures and facial recognition, and a $100 cup holder that adapts to fit any size drink. There is nothing this robot cannot do.

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