Tech for 2013


Written by Liz Cookman
03 Thursday 03rd January 2013


Tobii REX

How many times have you reached for the mouse and thought, man, this is tiring? Well, now you can let those muscley eyes do all the hard work with the Tobii REX, the first ‘gaze interaction peripheral’ available to consumers. Wading through the tech PR jargon, what that means is that soon, you will be able to buy a little box for your computer monitor that lets you prat about on the internet using your eyes to control the cursor. All you have to do is focus on a link or an object and, well, open or move it.

The units are set for Windows-only release in the second half of the year, but developers can buy them as early as next week so expect eye-controlled Google Doodles a plenty. The firm also hopes their technology will be fully integrated into laptops, tablets, TVs and even car information systems by next year.


Leap Motion

But where will all the mouses go?

Similar to gaze technology, but oh so more Minority Report, the Leap Motion controller allows you to control your computer with a mere wave of the hand. Ten times more sensitive than the Kinect, it can detect movement to 1/100th of a millimetre, but probably isn’t quite as much fun to dance in front of. From later this year the in-air motion tracker will be integrated with new Asus laptops and all-in-ones, and, not far behind, are stand-alone controllers and a smart phone version.


Google Project Glass

Nobody mention Geordi La Forge

Finally, a way to become even more over-stimulated. Later this year, for a small fortune, you could become the double-Bluetooth-headset wearer of the twenty-tens by donning these very fetching, and not at all ridiculous, augmented reality specs. Technology just isn’t the same if you can’t show it off to street thieves.

Having been eagerly awaited for what feels like eons, Google’s head-mounted display will offer you the chance to walk, talk and read Twitter (without getting run over) all at the same time from the small display on the right lens. Google are still finalising its features, but it’s thought it will be controlled by a touch pad on the side. Voice and head-motion control are also a possibility, although it may be best to keep away from psychiatric nurses when using those features. With developers receiving the glasses early this year for a whopping $1,500 a pair, it may be a good few months before they are available for general sale, but they’re coming. Be warned.



Apple have lost it a bit since the tragic death of Steve Jobs and after a string of products that were basically the same thing with a few minor improvements, they’ve pretty much lost their standing as Emperor of Exciting Technology. Albeit a bit of a Chinese whisper, the iWatch is the rumour that won’t die and if Apple have any chance of clawing back mobile sales from Samsung, they should get a wriggle on. Famously secretive with their releases, it’s unlikely we’ll know until the very nano (see what I did there?) second before it drops. It’s thought that the smartwatch will have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing it to connect to your phone, laptop or desktop, keeping up-to-date with the weather and social notifications. Most shockingly of all, it will also be able to tell the time.

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