Futuristic Interiors


Written by Poppy Green
20 Sunday 20th May 2012

Wi-Fi Blocking Wallpaper

Have you ever wondered what on earth attracts Mums to Laura Ashley wallpaper? I know I have. Somehow, this sect of society – which may well be a folksy decorating cult – mistakes pictures of little boys fishing in an idealised land as cute, rather than creepy. Finally, we have wallpaper that actually fulfils a purpose other than making your London flat look nauseating. This collaboration between the Grenoble Institute of Technology and the Centre Technique du Papier has resulted in wallpaper that’s clever enough to block others from hooking up to your Wi-Fi, without interfering with other things like your radio or phone signal. And it’s quite pretty to boot! At last, I can name my Wi-Fi whatever I want, and none of my neighbours will see! Which expletive to start with...

Magic Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most insanely futuristic of them all? The New York Times Lab, it seems. Said lab has found a way for you to perfect your bake in the morning whilst also using the mirror as a screen to check the weather, or even see how you'd look with a different tie. At first glance, it looks like these lads have just crammed smartphone technology on a reflective surface, but if you watch the video it soon becomes clear that a lot of thought has gone into this product. They know exactly what you need first in the morning, when your brain is still straddling the divide between sleep and the real world. My favourite part is the fact that the headlines swipe along the bottom of the screen, and if something catches your eye, you tap the mirror with your phone, transferring it to your mobile to read during your commute. Smart.

Smart Homes

In a scary-as-hell leap towards a Charlie Brooker Black Mirror sort of existence, Openarch have created a smart home prototype that's basically an extreme extrapolation of the magic mirror. Yes, you heard correctly: it’s not a concept video just teasing us into dreaming of future possibilities – this house actually frickin’ exists. If we ignore for a moment how many brands are shoved into this short video showing off the house’s ability, we can consider how amazing and simultaneously terrifying this could be. If your movements are constantly being monitored by Kinect-style cameras, then who knows what appliances you could accidentally set off whilst in the midst of love-making?

The Future of the Fridge

Now, this is summat I'd pay big money for. As a student that's usually cooking for one (forever alone), I spend a disheartening amount of time working out what's in the fridge and when it's going out of date before chucking twenty quids worth of yum into the bin. This genius piece of machinery (if it ever gets built) would be clever enough to know exactly what you've got in stock, and suggest recipies to get rid of the ever-rotting mushrooms before it's too late. Genius. Although a thumbs down for the Sims-esque food rendering in this video...

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