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The 5 Best of PlayStation 2 Games


Written by Gabriel Mathews
18 Tuesday 18th July 2017

In the next episode of our nerdy nostalgic series we’ve got the black box of gaming. Another console that left teens smelly and sweaty downing bright green energy drinks, locked away like a vampire with only those they trusted to help complete the game.

5. Ratchet & Clank

You play as a the space travelling duo bumbling around beautifully crafted worlds blasting aliens to pieces to save the universe. The tongue in cheek humour, 21st century cult-references and engaging storyline amassed a huge audience, so much so that they then created a film. Unsurprisingly it was awful.

4. God of War

A child with serious unresolved daddy and anger issues. On a mission to kill his Dad and anything in his way is getting mutilated. It’s a game of acrobatics, action, gratuitous violence and shouting. Great stress relief.

3. Tony Hawk Pro Skater III

Can’t skate, but wish you could. Debating whether or not to learn now and just deal with being the dorky guy in elbow and knee pads, helmet and gloves sliding your way down the pavement at the same speed the granny with a zimmer frame moves. Don’t. Just play this instead. It will satisfy that craving and spare everyone your embarrassment.

4. TimeSplitters II

TimeSplitters had it all. A good story-line, interactive environments, inventive weaponry, monkeys with guns and it was a genuinely funny game to play. With an appealing storyline and clever objectives as well as opportunities to just shoot watermelons there wasn’t a more satisfying game to devote your time to.

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Nothing needs to be said about this game other than it was perfect.


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