The 5 Best Nintendo Gamecube games


Written by Gabriel Mathews
30 Friday 30th June 2017

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that can force grown men to cry at animated toys, spend obscene amounts of money on limited edition shiny pokemon cards and wear ‘larey’ caps backwards, novelty graphic t-shirts, high waisted shorts and knee high socks so they look like a rejected cast member from ‘Boyz N The Hood’. My point is not to take anything away from those nostalgia inducing images but rather the power that it can have over you to take you back to the time when you first watched that film or played with that piece of paper with a yellow creature on it.


But for me, being a 90s kid, there’s nothing that makes me as nostalgic than playing Nintendo Gamecube, even though it’s not a 90s console that and a Playstation 2 was what I grew up play; holding that malformed controller, switching on that budget but colour tv and dropping those miniature CDs into that beautiful purple box.


It takes me back to the pure joy, the incessant screaming and family riffes the console caused. So in honour of that console here is a look back at its top 5 games. You might say it’s a matter of opinion and someone's favourite top 5 games is subjective and while you are well within your right to say that you would be completely wrong and if you don’t have these games in your top 5 then you should dig a ditch with your bare hands, get in it and just wait for the elements to kill you.

5. Super Monkey Ball 2

As the title suggests, it’s a monkey in a ball. Need I say more. If you didn’t play it you missed out on what was an amazingly simple and satisfying game. All you needed was the analog stick to direct your little monkey friend and his ball around a map from one side to the other. Whole weekends would be lost to the Monkey’s Ball as well as eyesight, I’m sure the reason for my short sightedness is hours spent squinting at the screen.

4. Super Mario Sunshine

It didn’t live up to the Italian Plumber’s previous campaign in Nintendo 64 but it was still a special game. The first 3D analog controlled Mario. It was beautifully crafted game and story that would leave you all tingly inside for an animated princess that you probably had weird dreams about later on. It may appear to be a kids game but a decade and a half later and I still get a lot out of collecting those little sunshines.

3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker & The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess.

The Zelda franchise is a Nintendo mammoth to rival Super Mario. Each and every game tested your brain as well as your dexterity and your overall dorkiness. But most importantly the protagonist was a gender fluid badass who just dealt with shit and got it done. Hence number three is not one game but the two in a 13 part series that made nerds everywhere pitch a tent in their pants.

2. Resident Evil 4

Zombies, guns, gratuitous violence and pixelated cleavage what more could a pre-teen moving into his early teen years ask for from a game. This game had it all. If Super Monkey Ball had weekends dedicated to it, this game had months dedicated to it. I don’t know the exact days of my life I have spent playing this game but every single one was worth it. If you haven’t played this game you lived a sheltered childhood and you need to go out buy yourself a gamecube and this game and abandon any adult responsibilities you have to play this game.

1. Super Smash Bros Melee

The frantic family-friendly multiplier fighting game would have anxiety levels of 12 year olds across the country through the roof. It was a mad panic to pick a character, not everyone could be Captain Falcon or Kirby. Obviously. After that stress inducing 5 minutes there were so many various maps and add ons it would make your head spin. Once everything was settled, the dust cleared and you found your balance again, carnage would ensue. It made and mutilated friendships. And it was all so worth it.


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