Top 5 uses for Chat Roulette


Written by Johny Chhetri
02 Monday 02nd August 2010


Chat Roulette, it’s a dangerous game, Chat Roulette, no user is ever the same. Enough of the rhyme, and such it’s time there were proper guidelines set on how and why it is used. I used it for the first time a few weeks ago and I’m not gonna lie, I was a tad tipsy and had a friend sleeping on a bed behind me making me look like a rapist/murderer/playa/thief which was pretty entertaining. Until I came face to face with a shaft and foreskin that was being violently tugged back and forth as if there was no tomorrow. 
I heard of guys doing it before and thought it would be no biggy seeing someone going for gold, but I was somehow affected, yet intrigued as to why they’d stoop to such a low level! Here are my personal top five uses for chat roulette…
Find celebs
It’s called chat roulette for a reason, there have been numerous stories of spotting a Jonas brother to Snoop Doggy Dogg! According to website, the top celebs most likely to see your face (or wanger – more on that later) are Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, the Jonas Brothers, Perez Hilton (if you can count him as one), Kelly Osbourne, Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) and Nicole Richie. So you better start clicking ‘next’ until that part of your brain recognises the next stranger! I’d personally like to get Andy Milonakis, especially if he was in freestyle rap mode.

Killing time with your “creativity”
Obviously, when Facebook’s just not cutting it, your XBOX/PS3 pisses you off too much and nothing else seems to entertain, this could be a platform for you to express your creative talent and possibly become an internet meme, like that improvising piano guy! Oh, the power of spare time.
Make people think you’ve committed suicide
This is for you weirdly minded creative-types out there! Scaring people has become so difficult nowadays, and making people think you’re dead will just freak them out, like Jermaine’s very concerned friend. Well, just make sure you don’t take it too far yeah?

No Fun - Eva and Franco Mattes from Eva and Franco Mattes on Vimeo.


Fall in love
Right, I know this sounds weird, but it has happened! If you google falling in love on chatroulette you will find a shitstorm of love stories or just losers bragging about how a lady called “Tina” or something who likes “horny men” and wonders if you “like” her was properly gagging for it, which is entertaining in itself. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Well she’s not real kid! She’s just a netbot-whore! Who’ll take your money and infect your hard-drive if you’re not protected!
Make friends!
Actually, I jut don’t like using the phrase “wank in front of your webcam for others to see”. But it seems to be quite the trend, first time I went on chatroulette I saw my fair share of purple turtles and it really wasn’t pretty… tried to interview some exhibitionists, but they were a bit occupied. Plus I kind of offended them by telling them to think of their mothers while they were “bustin’ a nut.”



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