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VR Film Brings Polio Issue to Life


Written by Don't Panic
13 Friday 13th October 2017

Polio has been eradicated in our country for decades now, it's hard to imagine it as a problem because it is so easily avoided by a simple injection. Polio still remains a problem though, in areas of conflict. Vital vaccinations are unable to be delivered to vulnerable children in war torn countries, further emphasises the disastrous effects of war.

To highlight this issue Don’t Panic teamed up with  Rotary International, to create a new immersive VR experience, named One Small Act. The experience highlights the impact Rotary International is making around the world, focusing on its work to eradicate polio.

Its one of the first examples of narrative storytelling in VR. Shot in Romania using both mono and stereoscopic techniques, the viewer observes entire scenes in a forward looking 360°arc. It depicts a young girl growing up in war torn Bosnia. She is shown compassion from numerous characters throughout the film, from the nurse who administers her polio vaccination to an enemy soldier who shares his water with her and also a fellow refugee who offers a bandage to repair her teddy bear’s arm.

The final scenes show her in later life, as an empowered female doctor, administering a polio vaccination to another young girl with a teddy bear. The fruits of her kindness and caring nature – as well as the work of Rotary International members – come full circle. The story is emotionally charged. To ensure viewers really feel the power of their contributions, we focus in on poignant moments of juxtaposing compassion and commotion. Our story arc – from chaos to peace – shows the progress that Rotarians are making, and that donations will continue to make possible.

Created in partnership with Google, One Small Act will act as collateral to increase donations to worthy causes. The film was first previewed in Atlanta to a record breaking 3000 people simultaneously watching.


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