Street Summer: Wales

Competition closes: 19 Jul 2011
Voting period: 08 Jul 2011 - 19 Jul 2011
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by Deesio
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30 Jun 2011
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Entry commentary
i'll try to describe my entry but i'm usually rubbish at this! I create for the enjoyment of it. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's tiring, but it's always a lot of fun and definitely worth it. I've tried to show this in my submission under the topic "street art". The geezer's posture reflects how knackerd he is from graffing all day, but his eyes show exactly how happy he is to have been doing what he loves!
I was born in carmarthenshire, a lush habitat of forests and streams, mountains and fields. Inspiration came naturally easily from a very young age to paint and draw. Scroll forwards to the present where, in the captivity of the shadow of the concrete of South Wales, I continue my life as an artist.

Art, music, literature, nature and film are the roots of my psyche, driving me forwards in my constant quest to make that one perfect work of art. It may never happen.

I am married with kids and would likely be in a much worse state and place without them...
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